Task Description 📄

👉 Pull the Docker container image of CentOS image from DockerHub and create a new container

👉 Install the Python software on the top of docker container

👉 In Container you need to copy/create machine learning model which you have created in jupyter notebook

Let’s Start

Prerequisite :- configure docker in your OS

Use the below code to run pull the docker image

docker pull vineetn01/simple_linear_regression

It was an immense pleasure and excitement to completed my ansible training in Linux World, Jaipur. After completed this journey. I tried to integrate ansible with other tools and technologies like python | kubernetes etc. Glad to be a part of this training.

🔅Provision EC2 instance through ansible.

🔅Retrieve the IP Address of instance using dynamic inventory concept.

🔅Configure the web server through ansible!

🔅Create role for webserver to customize the Instance and deploy the webpage to root directory.


In this article I’ll guide you step by step how to a cluster contains worker nodes on different different cloud or network to be more precise. I have used AWS , Azure to Setup this cluster.

Let’s Start…

Configure Master Node

I’ll be using one of the AWS instance for this setup. And using AWS AMI ( image) for launching my instance ( virtual machine ) on cloud.

1. Install docker 2. Start docker service 3. Enable docker serive

yum install docker -y
systemctl start docker
systemctl enable docker

2. Adding repository for kubernetes

cat <<EOF | sudo tee /etc/yum.repos.d/kubernetes.repo
gpgkey=https://packages.cloud.google.com/yum/doc/yum-key.gpg https://packages.cloud.google.com/yum/doc/rpm-package-key.gpg

What is OpenShift ?

OpenShift is a family of containerization software products developed by Red Hat. Its flagship product is the OpenShift Container Platform on-premises platform as a service built around Docker containers orchestrated and managed by Kubernetes on a foundation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

why Openshift ?

Manage with simplicity.
In the cloud or anywhere.

Red Hat OpenShift offers automated installation, upgrades, and lifecycle management throughout the container stack — the operating system, Kubernetes and cluster services, and applications — on any cloud.

Build fast. Ship first.
Deploy everywhere.

Red Hat OpenShift helps teams build with speed, agility, confidence, and choice. Code in production mode anywhere you choose to build. …

Task Description

  • Create an AWS EC2 instance.
  • Configure the instance with Apache Webserver.
  • Download PHP application named “WordPress”.
  • As WordPress stores data at the backend in MySQL Database server. Therefore, you need to setup a MySQL server using AWS RDS service using Free Tier.
  • Provide the endpoint/connection string to the WordPress application to make it work.


Amazon RDS is available on several database instance types — optimized for memory, performance or I/O — and provides you with six familiar database engines to choose from, including Amazon Aurora, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle Database, and SQL Server. …

In the World of automation where ever companies requirement is changing from manual to automate the industries are able to do things more and more efficiently. In the world of DevOps lot of tools is used to solve industrial use cases. Jenkins is very powerful tool used for continue integration and continue delivery ( CI/CD) pipeline.

In this article let me explain things one by one:

What is Jenkins ?

Have u ever tried to launch GUI programs like firefox , gedit etc … Well u might not be able to launch them but with few lines of code u can launch graphical programs inside docker.

  • So I have created a small Dockerfile contains base image as centos and inside that we’ll be launching firefox and when I try to launch container using this image firefox automatically launched.

(Note: No need to use when keyword here.)

Let’s start this task very simple task the approach i used is with the concept of var_files.

Before I start explaining my start First lets see what all files we have for this task.


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